Why Satellite Broadband?

Satellite Network broadband empowers internet and voice connectivity anywhere on the surface of the globe. We deliver an exclusive spectrum of satellite broadband internet solutions for domestic, commercial, government, armed forces and industrial customers internationally. Satellite Broadband is the improvised technology that has seen enormous development in performance and value over recent years. We deliver our customers the comprehensive option of satellite broadband along with lucrative packages and reliable quality services.

VSAT services

These systems are completely sovereign and need simple electricity source to allow broadband satellite internet to access successfully any corner in the world.

The real differentiators of Satellite Network broadband satellite solutions are:

  • We offer bespoke service with reliable quality of services (QOS) that accurately matches with the applications and traffic flow
  • We provide committed, modified 24/7 technical support comprising extension to your LAN bandwidth management and optimization
  • We offer Superior quality of indoor electronics and outdoor electronics with antenna reflectors
  • Combine IP routing involves inherent Ethernet ports, RIP2, VLAN tagging, TCP acceleration, IP and RTP compression, IGMPv2, NAT and DNS caching full unified in the satellite modem hardware
  • We provide complete support for VoIP, video conferencing, VPN, CITRIX, UDP streaming applications and broad IP data exchange such as database access and synchronization, files syncs and others
  • Broadband satellite internet access through highly terminated teleport facilities in EU and Middle East with multiple fibre optic links to 1st Tier carriers


Our Satellite Network VSAT stations used for broadband by satellite services do not require any antenna tracking or complex motorized feed equipment.