VSAT Network

Satellite Network has years of proficiency in state-of-the-art VSAT network technologies and uses this to come up with technologically advanced and customized end-to-end solutions for every connectivity requirement.

Star topology networks

Satellite Network suppliesmost sophisticated VSAT networking services with universal coverage, on a modified basis. Our VSAT systems completely maintain VPN, VoIP and video conferencing traffic with assured quality of service. This permits our clients to manage IP voice and data networks with broadband internet access within minutes,allows them to keep efficient backup or substituting current global telecom infrastructure.

Star topology VSAT networks offers IP connectivity with global teleport or Hub at customers headquarter in the star center. By increasing host networking equipment at the teleport, our customers can now organize their own private networks without spending more on VSAT System Hub infrastructure. Satellite Network TDMA solutions contain iDirect VNO, Group quality of services networks and iDirect Mini/Private Hubs. Group quality of services does not require initial early investments into the VSAT network at all and facilitates broadband speeds.



Point-to-point networks

With our VSAT Network, it is easy to deliver point-to-point connectivity to the isolated locations with seamless connectivity and brings large amount of traffic.