VSAT Communication

The idea of VSAT satellite communication has been around since 1945. This idea was converted into a vision by “Sir Arthur Charles” with its brilliant concept of relying radio signals to remote areas via satellite spaceships that have evolved into the VSAT communications industry catering a diverse range of connectivity demands internationally.

Satellite Network Services are amongst the Best –

Satellite Network has been in the VSAT communications industry since 2003. VSAT satellite communications services we offer include:

  • Internet access Enterprise Wide Area Networks and VPN
  • Point-to-Point Circuits
  • VNO, Group QoS and Hub-based Private Networks
  • Uplinking Hybrid Networks
  • Maritime Connectivity


Satellite Network engages geostationary satellite space divisionvolume on a fleet of spaceship functioned by industry leaders such as SES Global, Telesat, Intelsat, RSCC, Eutelsat and others. Our VSAT communications services varies from iDirect to home to multi-megabit IP backbones supporting domestic voice, data transfer comprising with private VSAT communications network along with service accessibility everywhere in the sphere. Satellite Network lands the VSAT communications circuits at extremely redundant terrestrial ground stations in Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa and many more. It allows us to offer great performance single hop IP connectivity to 1st Tier Internet backbones at very economical prices. Satellite Network Telephony Services, PEP and Sentinel bandwidth management and optimization solutions are integral part of the global Satellite Network VSAT communications infrastructure.

The VSAT communication technology has been developed to reduce the digital boundary between countries and considerably enhance the quality of life by allowing international access to worldwide resources.