Two Way Satellite Internet Access

Satellite Network delivers two way satellite internet access services with worldwide coverage of the total Eastern Hemisphere of our globe and has now extended services to Americas via TelesatTelstar-12 PanAm Ku-Band beam.

Satellite Network as a Preferred Supplier

Satellite Network is one of the most preferred suppliers across the globe for two way satellite Internet service also known as 2 way satellite Internet delivering high-speed broadband access with unparalleled speed and diminishes time gap on the most reliable network available.



Market Leaders

Satellite Network has set the industry standard and has emerged as market leader for internet, voice, data and virtual private network with the influence of our valued iDirect VSAT communications channels established by VSAT systems. We have highly equipped infrastructure with proficient engineers and tailored two way satellite communications solutions that are not accessible from any other provider.

Two Way Satellite Service Quality

Satellite Network’s two-way satellites come with high degree of service quality and operate in a bi-directional manner. They receive/transmit satellite links involving distinctly located customers directly to global teleport flair in Europe or Asia. The teleport routes the connection further to the public IP space or a confidentially owned network. It lets us to supply satellite broadband internet access promptly arranging two-way satellite networks virtually to any point in the world thereby evading the local bind to broadcasting infrastructure.

Our broadband services are easy to install, organize, features great strengths of built-in security and supports VoIP, video on-demand and other digital TV experiences. Our diverse business models comprises of economical rates for broadband internet subscriptions that allows our clients to reach the extensive series of users across a broad geographical zone

Benefits of Satellite Network’s Two Way Satellite Internet Access:

  • Cost-effective
  • Two way satellite broadband solution
  • Easy to install and comes with affordable cost subscriber equipment
  • Flexible business platforms
  • Great network deployments
  • Without infrastructure investment