Satellite Network VSAT Services

Satellite Network VSAT service provides assured and standard quality of services along with flexibility, consistency, reliability, scalability and security. Thereby making its VSAT solutions as most preferred by consumers across the globe in today’s cut-throat competitive market scenario.

Satellite Network VSAT

Satellite Network VSAT services are designated and designed to maintain voice and data networks with assured quality and value added services. Satellite Network believes in enhancing its knowledge database and follows an application centric approach making sure that each of its clients gets the most dynamic satellite solutions supported by a consistent and reliable service lead agreement. Our VSAT services are completely customized to facilitate voice over IP, video conferencing as well as business applications such as Virtual Private Networks (VPN), CITRIX, ERP and EFT.

To deliver 1st Tier broadband internet access, Satellite Network lets direct satellite channel connectivity between the customers premise equipment and ground based teleport facilities in Europe and Middle East. Satellite Network provides both BIR and CIR bandwidth level above TDMA, FDMA and VSAT service platform.

Satellite VSAT service is committed to its customers to modify the mode of performing business as it reduces the terrestrial obstacles and brings the world closer to the heart with its satellite communication services.

Features of Satellite Network VSAT Services:

  • Connects globally with its dependent class of services
  • Swift Management
  • Cost Efficient
  • High Uptime and centralized network management
  • Business Continuity
  • Flexibility
  • Secure
  • Surveillance