iDirect VSAT Platform

Satellite Network provides comprehensive range of iDirect VSAT products and services comprising of broadband satellite Internet access solutions, WAN network, VNO and private network based on Star and Mesh topologies. The iDirect VSAT platform incorporates pioneering technology into iDirect’s product portfolio and organizes the software to disclose the increasing difficulties of arranging and managing worldwide IP networks.

Prominent VSAT Platform

VSAT system is an iDirect technology that utilizes the complete series of iDirect equipment which involves satellite hubs, line cards, routers and network accelerations to deliver satellite solutions that are measurable and cost effective with tailored quality of service for our customers. We offer the teleport and satellite hub infrastructure and align network as per your requirement. In the year 2003, iDirect technologies were listed as one of the fastest growing companies in America. Slowly and gradually technology started gaining lots of hype in the tech-savvy world and has now set the example for high performance, reliability and longevity.

Satellite Network provides iDirect VSAT platform as one-stop solution with satellite modem, IP router, TCP acceleration, optimization and coding with complete feature in solitary consistent package. It completely supports quality of service and delivers bandwidth availability for critical applications. Satellite Network influences this feature and offers completely customized quality of service profiles on each iDirect VSAT installation, supplying extremely efficient continuous communication solutions for each customer. During the phases of maintenance and installation VSAT iDirect platform features GUI-based iSite software that prominently streamlines these procedures and lets the system manager to organize and perceive remotes on both RF and IP levels.