Teleport services

Satellite Network is a leading service provider of satellite volume around the globe. When it comes to selecting a global satellite teleport, size is of paramount importance and this is where we are far ahead of others as service providers. Satellite Network owns and functions the largest satellite ground stations in Asia and Africa. The measure of these teleports means we provide unconventional facilities, wide range of services to a satellite operator, satellite service provider or a carrier at economical rates.

Broad Coverage of the Asia Pacific Region

Satellite Network Teleport Services deliver exclusive solution that fulfills all of the up linking, downlinking and tele housing necessities of carriers, internet operators and internet service providers. Our teleport in Middle East and Asia are well-organized and supply access to more than 18 regions with C and Ku-band satellite systems. We also provide teleport services to those who own their housing satellite networks. They can acquire simple access to our comprehensive international Internet backbone and maritime platforms.

Satellite Network has years of experience in satellite teleport services and excels in providing comprehensive range of services at reasonable pricing. We provide best satellite access technologies and accommodate wide range of customized demands. We provide tailored solutions to fulfill the evolving commercial and technical demands of our customers. We ensure to offer high quality of service performance and outstanding reliability to all our clients.

Features of Teleport Services

  • World-Class Teleport
  • Access more than 20 satellites in the Asia Pacific region via over 40 antennas
  • Extremely protected sites with restricted access
  • Extensive support for Voice, Data and Media service applications
  • Completely redundant High Capability power systems
  • Completely terminate Uplink and downlink chains
  • VSAT platform Support
  • Support for all well-known satellite bands
  • Managed 24/7 operations
  • 24/7 observing facility