Inmarsat Services

Satellite Network provides highly advanced satellite network solutions and cutting-edge services to a wide gamut of business worldwide. Our Inmarsat Services feature a broad portfolio of data and voice services to suit our client’s communication needs irrespective of their locations. Our services comprises of virtual IP connectivity for internet access, mobile fixed satellite phone calls, messaging, tracking, management of fixed assets, with universal safety communications, etc. We offer these services for broadband, MSM, safety and maritime applications. Our services can be accessed using a range of devices, from portable satellite phones to a remote site fixed installations, to vessels, aerial mobile stations, offering a wide range of performance options to suit our client’s customized operational needs.

Inmarsat IsatPhoneHandheld Satellite Phone
Global voice calls with SMS, data,
e-mail messaging and GPS service
Inmarsat BGANInmarsat BGAN
Broadband IP service via portable light-weight satellite terminals
M2M ServicesM2M Services
Long-term monitoring, tracking and control in remote locations


Worldwide Availability and Ease of Use

Satellite Network provides an extensive series of data, voice and video solutions in addition to VSAT amenities over Inmarsat satellite fleet in lower frequency L-band stations. This permits our customers to stay connected even in remote locations with portable devices and lightweight stations. Inmarsat Broadband is a Worldwide Space Network. Inmarsat L-Band solutions stations are exceedingly portable, do not require accurate configuration to the satellite spaceship and are convenient to organize.


Tracking, Tracing, Monitoring and Control

Satellite Network delivers Inmarsat-based M2M services even in most isolated locations thereby enabling our esteemed clients to track, trace, monitor and control even in remote geographies. This helps our clients to have complete visibility, prominence and management over their assets globally. Our M2M services are generally used for railway track & crossing, road signs, oil well head telemetry, ATM/PoS, smart grid, climate and environmental monitoring. These services assume greater importance from the fact that Inmarsat links can function in worst weather conditions due to its robust signal properties even in lower frequency band. It needs to be noted that Inmarsat is the first satellite operator to act in accordance with International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) for worldwide safety communications.