iConnex Satellite Router Board

The iConnex Satellite Router Boards are compact, lightweight router boards designed to be integrated into third-party solutions to support VSAT communications. The iConnex Series supports the same functionality and performance as the stand-alone routers.

iConnex board features include:

  • Optional 256-bit AES encryption
  • Built-in TCP and HTTP acceleration
  • Advanced QoS prioritization
  • Higher processing power to support more concurrent TCP sessions
  • Interface for GPS input or Antenna Control Signaling

Evolution® iConnex Satellite Router Boardscircuit

The Evolution Series Satellite Router boards are designed to be easily integrated into portable solutions. To meet the most rigorous demands for mobility and security with TRANSEC and FIPS 140-2 L2, Evolution iConnex boards deliver always-on broadband capabilities into smaller form factors that support data, voice, and video connectivity in highly mobile military and government applications. Available in the following models:

  • iConnex e800, e800-FIPSL2
  • iConnex e850mp, e850mp-IND, e850mp-FIPSL2