Advantage IP VSAT

Satellite Network has come up with devoted “Very Short Aperture Terminals” solutions, commonly known as VSAT covering the Middle East and North Africa region (MENA) based on Ku band and IO satellite. There are three key elements of the VSAT technology and the entire knob communicates with the central hub via satellite as a medium for communications.

NEW Advantage IP VSAT service

Advantage IP VSAT delivers coverage to approximately 18 countries in the Middle East and parts of Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and Asia, including Iraq and Afghanistan. Satellite Network has initiated satellite Internet access to these provinces at incomparable pricing and has come up with new Service Level Agreement principally designed to offer IP backbone connectivity for Internet Service Providers and Organizations.

The innovative Satellite Network Advantage IP VSAT  service is created on the DVB-S2 standard, with Adaptive Coding and Modulation delivering up to 52 Mbps IP output per station, with the proficiency to combine multiple stations together. This is not all, whenever standard order modulation can be used, the output can be further increased up to 133 Mbps per station.  The advantage IP VSAT service is accessible in both bi-directional receive and transfer and acquire only alignments, flawlessly integrating with existing terrestrial IP uplinks.

The Advantage IP VSAT also has customer premise equipment kit that characterizes an easy to connect motorized antenna, as compare to archaic IO satellite tracking hardware. The system mechanically supports and stays structures to the target satellite, without the need to organize and probably redesign a licensed installer. The customer premise equipment is designed to provide single button satellite procurement and programmed reacquisition in the toughest of atmospheric conditions. It minimizes the primary arrangement and frequent maintenance expenses.

Satellite Network provides redundant peering to 1st Tier European backbones via STM-1 and multiple Gigabit Ethernet connections.