DVB-S2/ACM Services

Digital Video Broadcasting commonly known as DVB has already had a profound effect on the industrial sector and it has taken a step forward with DVB-S2. DVB-S2 is one of the most challenging and in-depth technologies ever executed by the VSAT industry. Ithas a pivotal component known as Adaptive Coding and Modulation (ACM), and thus it is also known as DVB-S2/ACM.

Industrial Revolution

For VSAT services, ACM modifies the modulation and coding to improve the QoS. Output adjusting and fluctuating link is done automatically in an actual time. Several enterprises are requesting their satellite service providers to transfer over to this new principle to improve the capability from their present links. Satellite Network is already using DVB-S2 as this technology delivers important and much needed measure of improvements over the previous DVB-S standard. Thus when ACM is precisely executed then Satellite Network can expect tremendous rise in forward link capacity of more than 50% (in some installs) over a DVB-S2 link without ACM.


  • Bandwidth saving
  • Flexibility
  • Augment data output
  • Increased revenue margins
  • Rain fade optimization
  • Developed carriage of IP traffic
  • Enhanced forward error correction


However, the entire system methodology is essential for this technology to organize the maximum proficiency and value of adaptive coding and modulation within the DVB-S2 system. Network operators will find it vibrant when theamalgamation of ACM plus DVB-S2 generates better bandwidth, application with flexibility and comforts.