Dedicated Bandwidth

Satellite Network’s Dedicated Bandwidth is a bandwidth that’s reserved exclusively for the use of an individual entity, mostly for organizations. The security of our bandwidth ensures that the desired business always get high data output even in peak hours. Our circuits are able to reach one of the preeminent ethereal proficiency standards in the market as voice and data carriers, local internet service providers or as corporate backbones. In doing so we ensure to be cost-effective!

Satellite Network dedicated bandwidth delivers several benefits. Our customers who subscribe to these services get maximum speed both while downloading as well as uploading, they are able to easily transfer large amount of data and get higher proficiencies with better connectivity. As an example, even an internet service provider can avail this facility to enable its customers to run their business smoothly and efficiently without any trouble. It is a great source of solutions for all businesses wherein they can connect with their customers and build a dedicated customer base. The service can be organized to support symmetric or asymmetric bi-directional network alignments to serve numerous communications needs. The customers can apply SCPC services to a broad series of applications, comprising of certain multi-megabit internet backbones, VoIP, video conferencing transport, wide data transference, database synchronization, CITRIX and many others or to simply form star-topology enterprise WAN networks.

Key Features of Satellite Network Dedicated Bandwidth circuits are:

  • Up to 155 Mbps dedicated bandwidth
  • High power C and Ku-Band satellite coverage
  • Full Duplex SCPC, DVB-S2 and iSCPC platforms
  • 1:1 Redundancy options
  • 24/7 NOC Technical Support
  • Terminated Tier 1 connectivity to Internet


Major Benefits of Satellite Network Dedicated Bandwidth are:

  • Better network improves productivity
  • Cost effective
  • Enables to merge IT resources
  • Faster connection enables faster backup windows


iDirect iSCPC

Satellite Network offers dedicated bandwidth connectivity services using advanced iDirect SCPC (iSCPC) technology. iDirect facilitates supply of dedicated bandwidth services with cohesive QoS, RTP compression, TCP and HTTP acceleration, DNS cache and IP routing – everything embedded in 1U iDirect iSCPC satellite modem. This makes satellite Network iSCPC services as a preferred choice by way of small to medium capacity dedicated connectivity solutions.

The iDirect series of iSCPC empowered satellite routers have been built from the ground up predominantly to match the requirements of modern day organizations.