Bank ATM Backhall

Satellite Network understands that with the changing market dynamics and the evolution of the digital marketing, the commercial environment has become more challenging. Banking and financial business now require an infrastructure that will deliver superior effectiveness and reduce the operating cost, while creating new modes of revenue generation.

When banks or financial institutions are evolving in different regions domestically or internationally, they require exceptional infrastructure in which they can operate their financial business more efficiently. They need reliability, safety of financial transactions, certifying of business stability and disaster recovery in any misfortune or hazard, thus Satellite Network with its VSAT solutions becomes an ideal choice for today’s banking infrastructure necessity.

Satellite Network VSAT solutions can organize ATM, credit card approval, trading and other financial transaction professionally through both low volume and highest transmission times over the use MF-TDMA access schemes. Our network connects rural institution, corporate infrastructure with VoIP, video conferencing, digital signage and data links to all organizations. Our versatile abilities are flawless for updating local organizations with the state-of-the-art financial information. This is not all, we are available round the clock 24/7 for all our customer needs!