Satellite Internet in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone is one of the western African countries that rely on satellite internet connectivity. Satellite Network offers Advance satellite technology to the western part of Africa with utmost reliable means of communications across most of the countries zones.

Satellite internet access in Sierra Leone

Satellite Network has major portfolios accessible from single service provider and capable to supply KU, C-band, iDirect, SCPC as well as modified solutions on multiple satellite beams allowing us to support a numerous of communications services. For specified commercial purposes, we have intended Sentinel Bandwidth Management and optimizations service that offers distant management and control so that clients can concentrate on their business, while we keep the links functioning, optimized and secured.

It is one of the best solutions that can help organizations to stay connected effortlessly with others and with few employees it is easy to manage the connections. We upgrade security, reliability and quality of services by assigning bandwidth where it’s required most. Satellite Network committed in providing organized satellite services to mining corporations with continuous management and rapid connectivity in the remote locations. In such countries it would be difficult to rely on cable connectivity thus satellite technology is an only option to viable connectivity.