Internet in Iraq

Satellite Network delivers superior performance satellite services to the Middle East With assured quality of service (QOS).

Satellite Internet in Iraq

Satellite Network provides Internet solutions in Iraq with the advance spaceships equipped with up-to-date technologies. It re-affirms the already established fact that we have ability to supply the flawless and most consistent satellite services around the world. Our satellites are enormously consistent with enhanced services uptime of almost 99%. It certifies that Iraq receive our services whenever they need.

Growing Pains

In the year 2003, Iraq has to face major problems in communications infrastructure. Iraq communication infrastructures were severely damaged by the conflict but the foreign assistance is supporting to renovate and reconstruct the switching capability and trying to build new mobile and satellite communications facilities. Satellite Network offers Internet availability in Iraq and joins Iraq to global communications pillars via three satellites based over the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. Satellite Network in Iraq empowers businesses and it helps people access information & media web applications with interactive content such as text, graphics, animations, video and audio.

Since 2003, Satellite Network has been delivering satellite Internet Iraq permitting Iraqi citizens, businesses and other people to have broadband access, enterprise connectivity, VoIP and videoconferencing services at affordable prices.

Satellite Network is a pre-eminent satellite services provider supplying high performance D-TDMA iDirect services in Iraq.  It offers internet connectivity with assured quality of services and provides complete support of streaming applications in Iraq.