Internet in Africa

Africa’s demand of satellite services and internet connectivity are extremely high. People in Africa do deserve to enjoy the privilege of consistent, efficient and technically developed platform for IP connectivity needs.

VSAT Africa

Satellite Network provides Internet solutions in Africa with the advance spaceships equipped with the up-to-date technologies. With our uptime in the upwards of 99%, it is a confirmed fact that we are the market leaders and one of the best, renowned and reliable satellite service provider in Africa today that has the ability to supply flawless and most consistent satellite services.

Satellite cellular backhaul in Africa – an innovative and developing market

Satellite Internet Services are in great demand across Africa. The mobile marketing currently has largest growth and demand for satellite services and applications. In order to reach out potential customers in Africa mobile operators required a technology to increase their coverage to remote stations at economical cost. The mobile operators desire to reach their customers both in urban and rural areas where they can provide more connectivity with the help of Satellite Network.

Satellite Network offers IP TDMA service in Africa since 2004 and this technology has allowed mobile operators to arrange profitable networks even in barren areas and has created new source of revenue for them.

Faster and more efficient service

Satellite Network engages several techniques to supply more effective services for TDMA based African Satellite services. This includes support for 1.2 carriers spacing, pure IP-over-the-air, built in TCP and HTTP acceleration, automatic power control and Satellite Network Sentinel based traffic engineering solutions.