Internet in Afghanistan

Satellite Network supplies internet access in Afghanistan across a host of geostationary satellites.  We make use of Ku and C band beams from this fleet and provide most consistent coverage across Afghanistan available today.

Satellite Internet access in Afghanistan

Satellite Network provides Internet solutions in Afghanistan with the advance spaceships equipped with the up-to-date technologies. It confirms that we have ability to supply the flawless and most consistent satellite services around the world. Functionality, dependability and fast data output certifies that our customers in Afghanistan receive this service and can distribute media rich applications to the citizens wherever they require.

We provide Service of highest quality with reliability

Afghanistan is an emerging country with inadequate basic infrastructure. Since 2002, communications in Afghanistan have amplified immensely as the country restructures itself after struggle. There has been tremendous rise in demand for mobile phones and Internet access across Afghanistan. Satellite Network supplies the link for international organization to start reliable, rapid and advance technology services to specialist needing to perform business on the universal platform. We deliver swift satellite internet in Afghanistan to the government or enterprise who wish to connect to global IP backbones for global connectivity.