Voice over IP

Voice over IP commonly known as VoIP is a procedure and combination of technologies totransfer voice communications and multimedia conferences over IP networks. VoIP technology is a standard way of calling and receiving the phones calls, voice messaging, etc. through internet. This is a dynamic solution that enables our clients to connect with their customers over the internet.

Satellite Network has invested heavily in VoIP solutions as a global partner network. We have delivered more than 500 fixed and mobile telephone routes globally. Any surplus routes are automatically transferred to extremely reliable and proven networks to ensure seamless connectivity. This solution provides several aspects such as CLI certified routes, transparency for roaming signaling and full QoS integration with Satellite Network satellite telecommunication solutions. Satellite network expertizes in all aspects of VoIP technology and our satisfied customers across the globe are testimony to this fact.

We take complete ownership for voice over satellite protocol optimization and exceed our customer expectations with regards to pre-emptive management of VoIP QoS strictures such as route stability, Answer Seizure Ratio commonly known as ASR, jitter, Call Completion Ration or CCR, Average Length of Call (ALOC), etc.Theultimate result is a fully organized and well managed VoIP over satellite solution that provides exceptional voice quality worldwide on 24/7 basis, at very economical prices.

How VoIP Helps Your Business

  • VoIP helps your business to run more efficiently and smoothly without any disturbance or hindrance in connectivity
  • It adds voice to a data network where it eliminates cost, enhances productivity and improves collaboration
  • It is easy to add, move, change phone extensions and locations with VoIP technology
  • It offers more flexibility, security, is cost effective plus provides nonstop seamless connectivity
  • Wireless IP phones are easy to connect from comfort zone or even on the remote street
  • Voice collaboration, video chat, web conferencing and prompt messaging areadded features of VoIP technology

Benefits of VoIP Technology

  • Helps to reduce travel and training costs with web and video conferencing thereby enhancing profit margins
  • It develops the phone system as and when required
  • Single phone number can ring on multiple devices without reducing connectivity, thereby enabling employees to stay inter connected with colleagues as well as  customers at one go
  • It decreases phone charges thus saving some precious money
  • It works on single network for voice and data organizing management thus reducing cost and improving your companies operating margins
  • With the help of broadband connection it is easy to connect phone system features from anywhere