Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing is an advanced telecommunication technology that allows two or more locations to have clear and precise communication which involves audio, text as well as video sitting anywhere in the world. It helps to connect visually, collaborate over distance and incorporate into regular work flow. Satellite Network provides unique satellite videoconferencing solutions to several organizations globally that includes government & armed forces, Oil & Gas industries, Maritime etc. that flawlessly incorporate contemporary and legacy infrastructures.

Connects Visually

For any organization irrespective of its size, domain or stream, meeting and decision implementation depends on the quality of the communication infrastructure. Satellite Network offers ultimate satellite videoconferencing technology solution to all organization doing business internationally and domestically across geographies, to collaborate easily, enables them to connect visually and helps them to organize their business meeting efficiently. This is not all, the company also offers satellite broadband access for videoconferencing applications onto international IP backbones.

Uninterrupted integration

Satellite Network understands the importance of nonstop integration and the need for high quality service not as the privilege of our clients but as their rights. We provide high quality web video conferencing via satellite to all our clients globally with great quality of service coupled with economical cost to meet the increasing demands. We provide this solution with complete proficiency to all organizations big or small, anywhere in the world, including the most remote locations and toughest atmospheres. We deliver higher speed broadband IP satellite access with continuous integration.

Satellite Network provides:

  • Huge bandwidth capacity
  • Reliability and security
  • Simple incorporation with legacy networks
  • Efficient bandwidth provision
  • Support to actual applications such as VoIP and video
  • Run video from any location on-demand
  • HD videoconferencing

Advantages ofSatellite Network’s Video Conferencing:

  • Saves money by reducing cost of transportation, room rents, etc.
  • Saves travel time
  • Increases productivity
  • Helps maintain personal connections with live chats
  • Improves work life balance

Satellite Network operates efficiently with satellite industry leaders and leverages networks that have evolved specifically to meet the communication requirements of our clients. Additionally, our network offers swift speed, performance and flexibility to meet the most demanding necessities of today’s multitude users.