Mobile Operations

Mobile operators are now in the position to serve their services gradually in isolated locations without loss of services or voice quality. This is all because of Satellite Network.

Reaching further to expand market opportunities

Internationally mobile operator finds it difficult to enter into the core home markets. However they are now evolving new tactics to reach out to potential users with limited access to mobile users and rich applications that we take for granted. The use of VSAT technology in remote locations has seen incredible development over the past few years and this is due to cellular backhaul.

10 good reasons for cellular backhaul via satellite

  • Defeat the shortage of present infrastructure
  • Cost effective arrangement
  • Swift rollout of services
  • Improve service coverage
  • Allow complete series of IP services from fixed telephony to innovative data
  • Overview of IP has permitted a new wave of bandwidth elimination
  • Rural telecommunication are becoming lucrative
  • Urban areas are getting saturation point
  • The normal profits as per clients continues to reduce in urban areas
  • The new generations demands media rich applications even in distinct locations

It helps to save cost and its key advantage is flexibility as the IP platform allows these services in remote areas. Incorporating with an IP satellite system makes everything simpler and more efficient .