Satellite Network provides bespoke maritime VSAT solution that supplies broadband and unrestricted traffic connectivity with standard quality of services. It is accessible on KU and C-band satellites; the solution lends support always on internet access, long distance telephone calls and High Definition video conferencing effectively everywhere.

Benefits of our Maritime Services:Maritime VSAT

Satellite Network maritime solution is an exceptional VSAT connectivity service designed especially for shipping industries. We provide VSAT services to our maritime customers to develop communications and connectivity between crew and passengers. This facilities are also available to cruise & ferry, fishing, leisure and offshore travelers.

In today’s cut throat competitive atmosphere, maritime business requires sophisticated technologies that can help them to stay connected without any barriers in communications. There should not be any exception for communication. Thus they require safe, consistent flow of digital communication, image and data in any isolated corner of the world. Therefore to meet their demand and requirement Satellite Network has launched broadband satellite communication and solution for the offshore travelers.  Our Maritime services are available globally.

  • Enhanced business efficiency
  • Diminishes expenses
  • Upgrades personnel retention and Standard of life
  • Excellent series of applications such as training, video surveillance,  ERP,  integration etc.