Internet Service Providers

Satellite Network goes beyond the reach of hard wired communications solutions and our satellite internet service takes you that extra mile to evolve new markets.

Internet access anywhere, anytime

Satellite Network helps internet service providers to increase their client base and tap prospective subscribers market with unique and customized solutions based on their customers need, region and geography.We have an experience of more than a decade in supporting internet service providers. We use all our experience to guide, help, suggest and supply the optimum service for their business prospect. We have organized service solutions on KU and C- band channels and we operate with internet service providers to describe which solution is best as per climatic conditions of where the service will be delivered.Precise Services for Your Requirement

  • Satellite Network offers TDMA services with a combination of shared and dedicated bandwidth.
  • These services are suitable for small internet service providers and cyber café functions
  • Dedicated bandwidth assures least level of service and support actual applications such as VOIP or video conferencing
  • Shared bandwidth assures maximum level of services and it supports swift downloads
  • We offer solutions that deliver shared bandwidth on the download and dedicated SCPC bandwidth on the upload

Thus for those internet service providers who desire to support services in diverse places, Satellite Network can offer hosting and shared bandwidth platforms solutions organized by the internet service providers.