Satellite Network helps acute business application with safe and high-speed connections as we realize the importance of global connectivity today’s market conditions.

Enterprise WANs just got wider

In tech savvy world IP connectivity is the key that supports business achievements. IP traffic holds most of the company’s regular routine work, offering greater efficiency, low maintenance cost and yields maximum output. Satellite Network Enterprise provides satellite broadband state-of-the-art technologies to client’s business virtually all around the world. This technology is consistent, credible, prompt and affordable. Its fastest connectivity allows clients to run their business application seamlessly without any interruptions or hindrances. It connects any corner of the world no matter where and how remote you are. We have great credibility across the globe and as a result our technology is accepted and trusted by organizations worldwide, to upkeep mission critical IP applications across establishments in corporating satellite and terrestrial networks, systems and platforms.

The services we provide to organizations are selected according to the assignments at hand and optimized at places that require additional attention.We specialize in the VSAT business and our services ensure method execution as per our Service Level Agreement (SLA) offering standard quality of services with more than 98.2% yearly system uptime. Our service packages begin at 64 kbps to multi-megabit links with tailored BIR to CIR ratios and individual quality of service established per each remote.


Markets: Key Applications:
Government Web Access
Hotels & Leisure E-mail & Unified Messaging
Healthcare (Public & Private) Data Access & File Transfer
Financial Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
Legal Voice over IP (VoIP)
Construction Videoconferencing
Engineering Site To Site Continuity


We have great confidence in our enterprise services and our satisfied customer base across the globe is testimony to this. With us you are assured of best in class products and services!