About Satellite Network

Satellite Network is world’s leading satellite service provider to organizations across the globe. We pride ourselves in providing premium quality high speed broadband internet access across the continents from Africa to Europe to the Americas. Established in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia with headquarter in Jeddah, we provide connectivity to worldwide IP backbones irrespective of the locations and its accessibility. We also have our branches in Riyadh and Dubai.

Satellite Network has a rich history of over a decade in providing cutting-edge satellite network solutions to the World’s Leading Media Houses and Network Businesses, Multinational Organizations, Government Agencies & Armed Forces, Internet Service Providers, Maritime, Oil &Gas Industries, Mobile Operations, Voice Over IP and Video Conferencing. Satellite Network is a registered RIPE NCC LIR (Local Internet Registry) and a member of World Teleport Association. It expertise in delivering satellite iDirect broadband internet access, VSAT and satellite communication with flexible connectivity to even the most remote locations of the world. There by helping our clients to stay connected with their associates round the clock without any interruption 365 days a year.

Our commitment

Satellite Network is dedicated to provide its clients with outstanding commercial network solutions and turn-key projects along with ultra-modern technology. We strive and take pride in being the best service provider in the international arena. We are investing heavily in our resources internally with the ultimate goal of providing groundbreaking and innovative solutions to all our clients globally and keeping in mind their future communication challenges. In fact, Satellite Network was one of the first Satellite Internet Service providers to deliver the Deterministic TDMA technology to the Eastern Hemisphere markets which is now a globally recognized reference for steady and dependable corporate Internet access services.

Our esteemed clients rely on our technical leadership and advanced solutions to provide their customers unified, constant, secure and adequate connectivity access. We consider the future of communication and sharing experiences via satellite as the ideal communication technology that has infinite reach.

Come join us as we raise our wings to the next generation of pioneering technology with innovative thinkers.